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Hi Glitch, Yes I can ping the other computers, I am on a cable ISP so I use the Linksys router for a firewall and connection sharing. The Ip`s all run but I can ping them all from the Linux pc. Lets get Samba out of the way them we can work on wine.

Alright! Lookin' good. Login as root. Run KDE Control Center. Setup Networking -> Lan Browsing -> LISA is the 1st tab that's teh only one that matters. Make sure that its set to scan the addresses 192.168.1/24 which means all the 192,168.1 numbers. Now hit apply. There is a bug in the whole LISA set up thing. Its was added to kDE at the last minute of teh last release. There isn't anyway to start teh background LISA server from inside KDE, not that I can find at least. Open shell and simply type 'lisa -K'. That will start the daemon (background service). Now you can use LAN browsing in Konqi. To make sure this comes up with every boot add 'lisa -K' to teh last line of /etc/rc.d/rc.local if that files doesn't exist make it and putthat line in there. rc.local is the last start up script that gets run. Good luck

Hi Glitch, Well, it is not working out good, I did everything you said, I tried to start lisa in the shell box and it said lisa-k command not found? I added the lisa-k to the last line of the rc.local and when I rebooted the pc it stated lisa-k not found. I also took snapshots for you to see, here are the url`s: Am I on the right track here? Sorry I just got the operating system it will be two weeks this Saturday.

Hey man I love helping newbies out. Once ya get in the swing of things you'll love it. Nice work with the screenshots. I've got ya figured out. Its 'lisa -K' now linux is case sensitive Lisa -k is a differnt command and will not be found, make sure to leave the space too. I can't seem to get my LISA working for users here, it only works as root, but I set it up at work, so I may be able to check if I'm over ther tomorrow. my setup (root only seemingly) looks like this on teh important 3 lines w/ addresses. You can do an 'ifconfig' as root to get the address range of your network and netmask (the 255 number). My IP is and my netmask is This is what my lisa config looks like:;

Hi Glitch, Ok getting closer, here is what I got so far, I logged in as root, changes the rc.local to `lisa -K` that works now here is how the control center is setup when logged in as root here is what I get, I goto Knoqueror and open up network, click on local network and this appears I open up that folder which should be a windows pc, and I am shown a SMB directory on the Linux pc, and when I try to open it this is what I get I then log-in as myself and start lisa in the shell and try to browse the lan this is the error I get

I know i was able to get users access to teh LISA server, but for the life of me it won't work now, only for root, but anyway, that SMB thing is LISA's way of asking what service you want to access on that machine on teh network. SMB means "send message block" its teh windows networking protocol, you would see SMB, FTP and NFS on a linux machine if it was running a SAMBA server, NFS server and an FTP server. Try this. Point konqi at smb://machinename and see what happens, thsi should take a link or two out of teh chain

Hi Glitch,
Nope, tried smb://c1014996-b,
I even tried smb://
nothing, keep getting this