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Pretty good idea setting up a page like that. I know trying to follow the thereads in this thing are a pain. You are prety close to having everything working the only thing you are missing is logging in as your user id and then opening the cotrol center and configuring like you as root. I will send you the instructions I have sent out to other users. I believe you have completed most of the steps. Just to set things straight though this is not samba you are configuring right now. You will need to configure samba if you want the windows machines to access the linux box.

Also the wine that is installed with Mandrake needs configured plus parameters passed to it. You will then need to create a config file for your system. There is a sample I believe in the /usr/share/wine directory. this file needs to be copied to /etc or /usr/local/etc and modified. The documentaation is located in /usr/share/doc/wine or type man wine or man wine.conf in a console. To run a windows application you would open a console and type something like wine /mnt/windows/windows/notepad.exe there are other options that can be passed. There is also a different version of wine that has a wrapper where when you can configure it through a gui and then it is registered to .exe files and launch when you click on them. I cannot recall who distibutes it though. You should be able to find it by searching on or If you need any more info let me know.

Configuring Lisa

You can setup the KDE file Manager Konqour to see the shares in it. This is a little tricky here are the steps but here goes

As root, use the KDE Control Panel and set up both LISa and ResLISa click apply; this creates the file /root/.kde/share/config/lisarc.

Test it by opening a cosole and typing /usr/bin/lisa -c /root/.kde/share/config/lisarc Hold CTRL while pressing C to kill the server after checking to make sure you can see the shares in Konqueror. Then login as your user id and go

Hi Zimdog, No go, :0( while in root I set up the ResLISa here is a snapshot of that: question about this, my ip addresses would be,,, is ResLISa and LISa set correctly?

The reason why I am asking this is when I am in "root" the command worked when I opened the console and typed what you told me, but when I went to the Konquor and opened network/local network/ I get this error: and is a windows pc not the Linux box?

Also when I log in as myself I goto Konquor and try to connect to the lan, I can open up network but when I try to go in Local Network this is the error I am getting: also could you send me those instructions that you talked about my e-mail is thanks for your time. P.S. I guess I am going to need a hand holding here to get this working right. :0(

Sorry about the delay. You are pretty close now. You still need to
open the control center as yourself and save it to get rid of the error about
configuring lan browsing. Also you should not need all the specific addresses
plugged in. When you browse the machinesyou will see the IP address then smb
then the share on the windows machine. If it is blank make sure you have file
sharing turned on on the windows machine. Also you may need to turn off the
nmblookup. If you get stuck I will set it up on a machine here and send you
the config file so you can compare.

Hi ya Zimdog, Boy am I glad to see you :0)
ok here is where I`m at, I am so close I can taste it. :0) We got the
lan://localhost running, I`ve got the whole C drive shared on my windoze
machine but I still can`t seem to connect to the windoze pc, BUT I can connect
to the lan://localhost and I see the login http page for my linksys router,
as seen here:
now all we have to do is get the windows share to be seen. Now the questions: how do I
turn off the nublookup? also PLEASE send me the config file so I can compare
the two we are almost there as you stated. THANKS :0)


I am emailing you the file. Here is what I see so far. If I share a
win98 folder and have a password set it will give an error like Unknown error
hmm.. If I remove the password it works fine. I believe this has something
to do with the encrypted passwords that are implemented with win98 and NT 4.0
SP3 and higher. I will look into this further but figured I would pass on

what I have so far so we could see if it helps you see the machine. I am kind
of confused though because you say you can see the linksys router whigh I would
not think would have a file shared out with smb protocal. It does not look like
you see the windows box IP at all and you should see that at least.

You are using the standard non routable IP scheme so you should be able to start
lisa and point to my file and it should work. To turn off the nmblookup you do it
in the control center it is one of the top entrys and listed under lisa and rlisa
configuration. Let me know what happens when you try this. Hopefuly Mandrake will
fix this in the future so it is not such a bear.


Hi Zimdog,
I want to thank you for sticking with me, Glitch seems to have
abandoned ship on me. :0(

Ok here is whats happening, I turned off nmblookup and now there is an
improvement, I now see the router address and I see the Linux box in both
root and my login, as seen here: & I went up to one of my windoze pc`s and
killed the logon, and password for the drive, so the password or logon
problems have been taken out of the equation, unless there is some other
encryption on windoze that has not been disclosed as of yet. Since I killed
nmblookup I now see the Linux box. that is the folder you see
in the .pngs. Thanks again for sticking with me! :0)



What do you mean by logon and password? The password I am talking about
removing is the one fro the folder or drive share. Are you sharing out the
whole drive or just a folder? When you right click on the folder and drive
and then click on sharing then it should have a readonly setting etc with
know password. You know I have been guessing that you are using win98 is this
a true statement? I do not recall seeing anything on which windows OS you are
using. Also can you see the shares from one windows machine to the other?
What time zone are you in and when are you usually online. Maybe we can try
this in realtime on an instant messenger or chat or something.


Hi Zimdog,
What you where talking about sharing the drive is what I meant, I had the password set
for the C: drive of the pc, I am sharing the entire C: drives on the pcs. Just to
clarify, I have 3 windows 98se pcs and the linux pc.

Yes the 3 pc`s can see each other and yes they share the C: drives, I have full access
to the C: drives on all 3 pc`s.
I am on line most of the day & some of the night, I am in the United States Eastern Time.

Looks like everything is good to go. Lets remove the switch from the equation
now if you can. Do you have a hub or crossover cable so we can see if the
win98 machine is then seen. Since this router has switched ports and is
running NAT the broadcast traffic would not be passed around. I have not
played with one of these yet so am not to familiar with them. I did look up
the specs and it looks like it has 4 ports and that one of them can be
switched into uplink mode. Make sure it is not and if the lionux box is in
that port try moving it and see what happens.

Hi Zimdog, Don`t have a crossover cable here or hub, but I can get one
tomorrow, I will contact you when I go pick it up, I will have both computers
setup with the crossover cable when I contact you with the results. Thanks,

Hi Zimdog, Ok here are the results, First let me tell you that I wanted
file sharing on the Linux box so I have two harddrives in the pc, one
harddrive has linux on it the other has winblows 98.

Ok, I got a cross-over cable today, brought a pc down from upstairs, attached
the cross-over to the linux box right to the windoze pc, I tried three
diffrent ways to connect to the win pc, here are the snapshots:
notice that each and every time I tried to connect to which is a win pc
it shows me the linux box?

What was real strange was that I tried on the FTP browser and
it said: cannot connect to: network unreachable please see: at the bottom of the image, but when I
put in C1014996-b (which is the win pc name) it jumped to the /home/dan/
directory on the Linux box?? Is that strange or what?

So I was curious if the cross-over cable was working, so I dual-booted to the
win98 partition and opened Network neighborhood, I just had to type
\\C1014996-b and bam I was in the the win pc that I brought down.

So the conclusion is the cross-over cable is working, but Linux doesn`t want
to go outside of it`s domain, don`t know why?

Also to let you know I can get to the windoze side from Linux by going to
file://mnt/win_c/windows/Desktop so there is no problem there, sorry about this being
so long, just wanted to cover all bases.

Dan, There is something wrong with your network settings on the linux
box. This thread is getting messy but please verify the following and let me
know what you find out. I think we are done with the Lisa configuration for
know since your machine is not looking at the network correctly.

First type /sbin/ifconfig and see what it says your ip address for the linux
box is. I assume you only have 1 network card so the info will be for eth0.

Ping this ip and see if it responds. Ping the name for this IP and see if it
responds with the correct IP or not. Ping the windows machine IP and see if
it works. Ping the windows machine by name and see if it returns the correct
iP for it or the linux IP. Look in your /etc/hosts file and see if you have
defined the windows machines. Usually this file will only contain an entry
for localhost and possible the hostname and IP of the linux box.

Do you have a machine doing DHCP on your network? Do you have one running DNS?

The naming convention you are using looks like @home names. How are you
setup? Are you paying for a static IP? Do you have more than one real IP
address? Did you configure anything in the linksys box that would try to
resolve the names for you?

Sorry about all the questions but we need to isolate where your network
problem lies. Once we do this I think the network browser will be fine.

Hi Zimdog, Ok here we go, here is the etc/ifconfig file shot: you are correct there is only one
ethernet card in the Linux Box.

I pinged the ip for the Linux box and I got a good ping, here is the shot of
that: here is a shot of pinging the
windows ip address: but when I try to
ping the name c1014996-b (win pc) or c1014996-e (lunix box) this is what I
get: unknown host?

This is a shot of my etc/hosts file:
all windows machines are running DHCP & DNS here is a shot of the upstairs
win pc: here is the shot of the Linux
Box when it is booted into windows partition: the DNS servers are & the DHCP server is

No static IP it is dynamic, I have 1 ip address, here are shots how Linksys
configures my ip: No problem with all the questions, I
know the more info you have the faster it gets resolved. :0)
Thanks again!