By Dan AKA: Big Daddy Bender

I know these are strong words but I use them to exemplify my point!

Let me explain exactly what I am stating here. If you are LINKING to anyone's gifs, midi's, backgrounds, or jpegs, without their knowledge or consent you are stealing bandwidth.

What is LINKING you ask?

LINKING is when you take the code of above said images and/or music and type it in your "SIG BOX", now of course if you use the ALLOT OF GIFS TO GO images, or the images and music on the GIF LIST pages you are allowed to do so!

We built these pages JUST FOR WEBTV OWNER'S! to enjoy and use FREELY in their sig box's.

BUT if you are LINKING to any other's images, music, etc... without their permission you are STEALING their bandwidth!


The best way to explain it is like this, not all people who access the internet has UNLIMITED bandwidth with their Internet Service Provider's, (ISP's)!
Some people are not able to pay for the unlimited access because of a number of factors, either they live in a remote suburb and they only get access through LIMITED service providers, or they just can't afford to pay the ISP's price for FULL access.

Also they usually get LIMITED use of web space with their ISP's contract, and can build web pages for personal or business useage.
Now say for example that a person has LIMITED access to the internet, EXAMPLE: A.T.&.T, who gives you 200 hours a month for $19.95, but after that charges you .99 cents per HOUR afterward! Here is the link to see for yourself: A.T.&.T.

Now lets also say that with this LIMITED ISP contract they get 5-10 megs of home page space to build a page, and they deside to put images, music, etc.. on the page, along comes a WEBTV and/or a COMPUTER owner and sees the page and the images and thinks: WOW, nice images, that will be great for my page!

But instead of either TRANSLOADING the image, or downloading it to their hard drive (computer owner's do this), they deside to look at the source code of the image and use the code in their "SIG BOX" or home page, and LINKS TO THE IMAGE, now each and EVERY TIME a WebTV owner posts with that image (Or when someone else reads the post), or a person visits the computer owner's page it is taking bandwidth right off that person's account.

Now lets say for example that this person has 5 megs of home page space on his/her A.T.&.T page! But with the LIMITED USAGE of 200 hours per month for the service everytime someone posts or visits the said image it is taking up that LIMITED USAGE for that person.

The next thing you know because of just TWO people, LINKING to his images he has exceeded the 200 HOUR per month BANDWIDTH usage and now is getting charged for every viewing of that image, and the account bill is now $200.00 instead of $19.95, of course this is what happens when someone LINKS to another person's images!

I know what you are thinking right now:Awww, come on Dan, this is a bunch of bull cookies.

Well here is how serious the problem is, this is a very simple EXAMPLE of what I am talking about: Say your next door neighbor didn't pay his/her electric bill and got his/her power shut off, and instead of paying the bill desided to (without you knowing it) run an extension cord to your house, and used your power for his home, the next thing you know you get the electric bill and it is TWICE the normal amount, now not only do you have to find out WHY your electric bill is so high, but also you have to pay the electric company the money NOW!

The next thing you know, you get your electric power shut off because you can't afford to pay the bill, now you either have to borrow money, and/or have to deal with CREDITORS and will probably get a bad CREDIT RATING because of this inconsiderate person!

Well this is EXACTLY what would happen to the person that you STEAL BANDWIDTH from!
The end result is this person's credit rating is ruined, he/she has to pay that bill off before they can get access to the internet again, and MOST ISP's will not give you access if you have a bad credit rating!
WHY? Because you usally have to have a credit card to setup an account, but this person doesn't have one anymore because his/her credit is ruined because of a couple thoughtless people.


Web Guard

The problem has become SO widespread, that there is actually a group that formed to STOP BANDWIDTH THEFT!

The group is called WEB GUARD, here is the link: WEB GUARD


May the Lord Bless and Keep you!

A Servant Of The Lord Jesus Christ!

Dan AKA: Big Daddy Bender

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